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Director, Owner | David Reyes

(863) 206-8278 | dreyes@kwcommercial.com

David Reyes is the Owner and Director of The Reyes Group at Keller Williams Winter Haven. For over 21 years he has faithfully served the home and business owners of Polk County as a highly qualified and dedicated commercial and residential specialist. 

He guides commercial buyers, sellers, investors, and developers of office spaces, retail locations, raw land, multi-family lots, residential investments, and property management to pursue ultimate commercial opportunities that will continue their business success.

David is dedicated to serving both first-time and repeat clients by compassionately walking his customers through the processes of buying, renting, and selling. David finds joy in guiding customers to finding a property that perfectly fits their lifestyle, goals, and future.

With over $14 Million in individual sales since 2016, David is highly regarded by the leadership of Keller Williams, his past and current clients, and professionals in the field. He was personally awarded Top Monthly Listings Closed multiple times in 2019 and has since led his team to be awarded Top Listings Taken in May 2020. He is consistently a Top 10% Producer in East Polk County and in the leaderboard for Top 3% in Listing Volume. 

After receiving his degree in Human Resource and Management from Trinity International University, David moved to Polk County with his high school sweetheart, Susie, in 1994 where they are now raising their six beautiful children. 

David is passionate about real estate and compassionately serving the community. He is confident that his team will intentionally serve you with integrity, professionalism, and dedication to meet all of your buying and selling needs!

Executive Assistant | Eden Pruitt


Eden is the Administrative Assistant with The Reyes Group at Keller Williams Winter Haven. Eden just began her real estate career with The Reyes Group in 2021 after nearly two years of teaching in the classroom and four years of teaching children in China to speak English. The motivation behind her work is to provide a financially stable household for her family while having the flexibility to be home with her kids and raise them to be loving and caring people.

Eden is very passionate about making the employees at The Reyes Group feel that they are a team and with her on the team, they don’t have to feel as stressed or anxious about their position. Eden strives to make The Reyes Group agent’s pursuit of connecting with and serving their clients as simple and easy as possible. In 2017 she was a first-year Teacher of the Year for her school in recognition of her use of technology and systems in the classroom- both very valuable skills to her administrative work with The Reyes Group.

Eden, a Central Florida native from Sarasota, now lives with her family in Lakeland. She enjoys swimming with her kids, going to Disney World, a good cup of coffee, and shopping. She brings organization and a heart for people to the team. She wants to provide the best she can for everyone she works with- both agents and clients. Her organizational skills allow agents to not be preoccupied with worrying about systems and other administrative duties and instead allows them to spend their time and efforts serving their clients. 

Webmaster | Christina Reyes

Christina is a Webmaster with The Reyes Group at Keller Williams Winter Haven. She was raised in the environment of real estate since her parents have been actively involved in commercial and residential real estate her entire life. When her Summer plans were rewritten by COVID-19, she joined The Reyes Group as a Webmaster and assistant in Summer 2020. She has received high academic honors every semester and has maintained a 3.9 GPA as she pursues her degree in Music Business.

She is passionate about being an individual who is set apart by her work ethic and consistent pursuit of knowledge and skills that further her character and executive skills which ultimately impacts her career and professional development. She brings organizational and technical know-how that allows her to better the team through the “behind the scenes” details and refine the internet presence of The Reyes Group. Christina is passionate about continually furthering her executive and administrative capacity. Her position as Webmaster fulfills this desire and has provided invaluable training and knowledge that has impacted her character and career.

Director of Mission, Vision, and People | Susie Reyes

Susie works in an advisory role with The Reyes Group at Keller Williams Winter Haven. Susie has always been an avid supporter and encourager to her husband, David, as he pursued his career in real estate. Since 1997, they have faithfully served communities across Florida by flipping houses, and eventually, impacting the commercial real estate industry beginning in 2002. The motivation behind her work is to assist her husband in developing and building a real estate team that serves others and funds their big life. Susie is most passionate about the team members and clients of The Reyes Group. She strives to achieve a unified, integriful, vibrant team that makes a difference in their community.

She is originally from Miami, Fl where she met her high school sweetheart, David. They now live in Polk County with their six children. When she isn’t working alongside her husband, she loves participating in outdoor activities along with her family such as kayaking, bike riding, and jet skiing. Her career originally started the day that David began his career. They have always discussed business from day one and she actively got involved and attended meetings when he started hiring agents and administrative positions for their team.

Susie brings discernment, care, and passion that ensures their team is functioning at a healthy, personal level so they can better serve their clients. She especially enjoys working for The Reyes Group since she gets to participate in a joint adventure with her husband as they work alongside each other creating a team that serves and loves well.