Request Commercial Property Information

Are you interested in more information about your property?

We are proud to be able to offer four different informational reports about your property. All available at no cost to you!

These reports are taken from a website called RPR- Realtors Property Resource®. Realtors Property Resource® is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association REALTORS®. RPR offers comprehensive data – including a nationwide database of 164 million properties – as well as powerful analytics and dynamic reports exclusively for members of the NAR. RPR’s focus is giving residential and commercial real estate practitioners, brokers, and MLS and Association staff the tools they need to serve their clients.

Please review the options below, enter your information, and select which reports you would like to receive.

The Commercial Property Report is able to offer you information about your property including the most recent sale, exterior property information, interior building information, tenant data, mortgage data, and traffic counts for the surrounding area.

The Commercial Trade Area Report offers demographic information for the property and compares it to the surrounding area.

The Compstak report offers a computer generated market analysis providing an estimated value for your property. While this can give you a general idea of the pricing for your property, it does not take into account all factors.

The Reyes Group is happy to offer you a market analysis for your property where we take an in depth dive into your property and offer a pricing guidance for listing your property for sale.