How to Sell a Commercial Property

Knowing How to Sell A Commercial Property can be Stressful and that is why we are here to help!

While we can’t promise that every real estate transaction will be perfectly smooth sailing, we do promise to help you navigate whatever issues may come up and do our best to smooth out as many as possible.

If this is your first time selling a commercial property, take a look at the steps below to learn more about selling your property and what The Reyes Group has to offer you.

Steps to a Successful Closing

Pre- Listing Appointment

Using the Parcel ID & Address, we will compile a Listing Presentation and Market Analysis.

Listing Appointment

At your listing appointment, David will discuss with you the pricing and marketing plan for your property. David will tour your property and take photos.

Sign Listing Agreement

Once you agree to list with The Reyes Group, we will send you the Listing Agreement for you to sign via Docusign.

Live Listing

The team uploads your listing and creates marketing materials, which are then sent to you for approval. We list your property on MLS, Costar, and Crexi. While MLS and Costar are specific to agents, Crexi is open to the public.

Listing Paperwork

The team will then send you any additional documents that require a signature. We will then request that you send us any pertinent documents on your property such as a property survey, available utilities, and access points to the property.


When you accept an offer, your file is sent to our transaction coordinator and title company. They will keep in touch with you throughout the closing process so you are aware of where your file is and the timeline.

Earnest Money Deposit

The buyer submits their deposit to the title company to uphold initial contract steps.

Loan Application

If your buyer needs a loan, they submit an application for approval to a financial Institution.

Inspection Contingency

The contract may have an inspection or due diligence period. During this time, you do not need to do anything but wait.

Appraisal/ Financing Contingency:

If explicitly in the contract, closing will be dependent upon bank approval of any loan request.

Title Report

The title company investigates and describes the ownership history for your property.


Your closing will be conducted by the title company. Exchange of all property and monies is conducted.

Review Request

As you may know, our business is built on referral and reviews. After a successful closing we will ask for you to fill out a survey ( so we can improve) and submit a review of your experience.